About ITG

In The Groove (or “ITG”) is a dance simulation game currently in video arcades and available at home for the PlayStation 2 game console.

Why is ITG better than other dance games?

  • Music selection: In The Groove has more songs and better songs than other dance games. The latest arcade version features over 130 songs, and the home release features over 70 songs. We’ve licensed music from both popular musical groups and up-and-comers in a variety of genres to create a soundtrack that appeals to Western audiences.
  • Better steps: The step choreography is created by the finest talents in the business and is renowned in the dance game community. ITG also features new types of steps not found in other dance games – mines, hands, and rolls – which force you to move in new and interesting ways.
  • Easier for beginners: The latest versions of In The Groove have Novice difficulty steps for every song. Novice steps are simple enough that even brand new players can pick up ITG and have fun playing any song in the game.
  • More challenges: The challenges in In The Groove blow other games out of the water. ITG features over 60 modifiers that make the arrows spin, zig-zag, and flip for added difficulty. The Marathon mode turns modifiers on and off in interesting ways while you play a sequence of songs. The new Expert difficulty in ITG will test the skills of even the top dance gamers around the world.

How is ITG played?

The most common way to play In The Groove is with a dance pad device. A dance pad is a 3 foot by 3 foot square-shaped mat placed on the floor. The dance pad has 1 button for each cardinal direction: Up, Down, Left, Right. You step on the direction “panels” according to on-screen arrows.

In The Groove can also be played at home with a handheld gamepad controller. Many players find that it’s fun to play the Expert steps on a gamepad if they don’t have the stamina to pass them playing on a dance pad.

Arrows are at the center of In The Groove’s gameplay.

  1. Color arrows start at the bottom of the screen and scroll upward in-time with the music.
  2. When the arrow reaches the center of the target area near the top of the screen, then step.
  3. The panel you step on depends on the direction of the arrow on-screen. If the arrow is pointing Left, then you’ll step on the dance pad’s Left panel. Likewise, if the on-screen arrow is pointing Up, you’ll step on the Up panel.