Frequently Asked Questons

If you have still have any questions please contact us!


Where is it?!?

The machine is currently located at the Thunder Bay Centre of Change (Former Hillcrest High School)

USB Memory Card FAQ

What is a USB memory card?

In The Groove uses USB storage devices as memory cards to keep track of user stats, options, and more.

The game isn’t reading my USB or my stats don’t save.

In The Groove 3 is compatible with many more USB devices than In The Groove 1 and 2. The game will try to use whatever USB storage device you plug in.

However, there are several devices that have been reported to not work correctly:

  • Some Lexar JumpDrive models
  • Most high-power devices
  • Some off-brands of flash drives

What do you suggest?

We have found that Kingston Datatraveler cards work best.

How do I access the Edits I’ve brought on my USB memory card in-game?

Available Edits will show up at the bottom of the difficulty list on the Music Selection screen. Edit steps appear in white text, and show the name of the edit in place of a difficulty name. On the Music Selection screen, switch to your Edit by pressing Down, Down on the dance pad several times.

Do I need to do anything to the USB drive before using it in the arcade?

You don’t need to do anything. The game will automatically create all the files and folders it needs.

Keyfob FAQ

What is a keyfob?

How do I obtain a keyfob?

To obtain a keyfob, please contact us.

Does it cost anything?

Currently, a keyfob costs $2.00. This covers the cost of the fob itself as well as the system.

I lost my keyfob!

Not a problem. If you linked your keyfob to your user profile, you can transfer the balance from your old keyfob to a new one. However, you will be charged a fee for a replacement fob.

Can I pay a flat rate every month?

Yes! See this page.

Challenge / Tournament FAQ

What is a tournament? challenge?

A tournament is an event where players compete against each other for the top prizes. Usually tournaments last on a single day. A challenge, however is usually a goal defined on the site that a player must complete in a certain timeframe. Think of it as a self-serve tournament.